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Daniella finds herself bent over the stool where she is bound securely to the chair. Daniella's face contorts in pain as nipple suction pulls at her breasts to get to it. Those huge tits played with and then squeezed with rubber bands. Never really understand how brutal and real it it is until it's too late. She spends the last scene with her face mashed up against a wall of poles with her body forced down on the floor.

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Mckenna looks and those nipples peeking out over the bra just made this set a winner. The only wish she has now is to get her high-heels off her stocking feet, then her top is removed and her luscious breasts are rubber banded. Then gets gallons of squirt in her gaping asshole! Some may find offensive. When she finally got the opportunity to be on the other end of dealing with a naughty female!

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Mason is a local Amateur girl, and for the moment she's exclusive to Kink. She was a former All American Track star, and still has the powerful body to prove it. We put Mason in one of the most difficult positions. The strain on her knees and arms in brutal. A tight ball gag, and a lot of cloths pins for a nasty zipper is added next.

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What a tasty little treat of a woman! We bind her in a standing doggy position, with her big round tits jutting out front, and her sweet little pussy exposed in the back. We flog Madison's perfect tits and ass, weight those nipples, and watch Alpha fuck the sense out of our adorable, helpless friend.

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She is flogged this way, and finally is allowed to cum as a reward. She is clearly looking to make the next step up to the posture collar. The spreader bar holds her arms behind her while another bar keeps her legs wide open so you can check her pretty mouth without having to pry it open.

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Jenya and Tyler make a perfect pair of victims for Lochai's wicked mind. Once they are tied they are forced to submit to all his desires, from drinking water out of their own pussies to being horses that carry him around the dungeon. When he has to leave in a hurry he asks Jenya to finish taking Tyler out of her bondage, but instead she decides to have some fun with her first!

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Sophia is back and faces off with a seasoned veteran of the past. She drools all over. Sophia remains rather still and quiet during the whole scene, thanks to a crotch rope bites into her pussy.